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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Syd Blakovich vs Wenona


Wenona thinks that Syd's long absence from the mat gives her the advantage. Syd scoffs at this, saying that in the years she's been away, she's been training in Brazil and is now a professional MMA wrestler (unlike a certain noob we could mention...). In round four, Wenona promises lots of gymnastic moves and Syd plans to show off her strap-on skills.

Syd wins the arm wrestle fairly comfortably and Ariel X blows her whistle to get things underway.

Round 1

Wenona keeps Syd's score down in round one. 
After a tentative opening, Syd grabs onto Wenona, flips her over and pins her down. Wenona flips Syd back over and wins control with a headlock. Syd slips out of it and gets onto Wenona's back, removing her bra before moving things round and sitting on top of her chest. She tries to reach back and get at Wenona's pussy but she can't quite manage it. So, she spins around and maintains side control, removing Wenona's pants and scoring pussy rubbing points. Wenona gets her arm round Syd's neck and flips her over, scoring face kissing points but Syd breaks free and takes control from Wenona's back. She scores breast fondling and pussy rubbing points, maintaining control as Wenona gets up to her knees but losing it as Wenona abruptly breaks control. It doesn't last long and Syd quickly re-establishes control but they've gone too far out of bounds and Ariel pauses the match to bring them back to the centre. With just under five minutes left, Syd leads 48 - 8 and starts up. She struggles to take control from The Gymnast's back so tries to pin her down instead. That doesn't work either so she tries Wenona's back again but gets into an awkward position. Finally, she pins her opponent down and scores some breast licking and pussy rubbing points. She resists several attempts by Wenona to break free and moves her hold further up Wenona's body, passing up the chance to go for a submission and trying to go for her pussy instead. But, she can't really manage it before Ariel blows for the one-thirty mark. There's 1:46 left on the clock, Syd leads 70 - 8 and Wenona starts up. She wraps Syd up and takes control, though not scoring many points. Syd twists and turns and eventually gets free, pinning Wenona down and scoring pussy rubbing points until Ariel blows for the end of the round.

Score: Syd 128 - 15 Wenona.

Round 2

Syd powers to a huge lead in round two.
Syd guesses correctly and decides to start down. Wenona takes control from the off and scores breast fondling points. Syd twists round and breaks out of it, establishing side control and getting her fingers in Wenona's pussy. They don't stay in there for long and, after much squirming around, Wenona manages to get free. She tries to push Syd down but Syd flips her over and pins her down, trying to go for her pussy. This time she breaks through Wenona's legs with ease and racks up the fingering points. Wenona does manage to get Syd's head between her legs and take control from the bottom but Syd shakes it off and goes back to fingering her. After a sustained period of scoring points, Syd tries to adjust her hold and Wenona takes control. But once again, it doesn't last long and Syd pins her back down before getting on her back. She then pins Wenona back down and gets back to fingering her pussy. Her fingers come out and she briefly gets them back in again before the come out right as Ariel blows for the one-thirty mark. With just over two minutes left, Syd leads 379 - 17 and Wenona, who is glistening with sweat, begins up. She takes control from the off but can't score any points before Syd twists and throws herself free, taking control and going straight back for Wenona's pussy. She maintains control through several holds until she finally gets her into a great position and can rack up the fingering points again, which she does until Ariel blows for the end of the round.

Score: Syd 476 - 17 Wenona.

Round 3

Syd continues her domination in round three.
Syd starts up and takes control from Wenona's back, scoring breast fondling points. She pins Wenona down but can't quite reach her pussy so mounts her and scores breast smothering points instead. She then spins round and gets her fingers back in Wenona's pussy. She maintains control as Wenona squeaks and squeals and they roll across the mat, ultimately keeping her fingers inside her for over ninety seconds. When they come out, Ariel blows for the restart. There's less than five minutes left on the clock, Syd leads 697 - 17 and Wenona starts up. She takes control from the off and scores breast fondling points until Syd breaks free and gets on top of her, pinning her down and scoring breast sucking points. She maintains control and scores a few fingering points before taking them out and licking them to lube them up properly. She struggles to get them back in but eventually does so and scores more fingering points until they come back out and Ariel blows for the restart. There's less than 3 minutes left, Syd leads 786 - 21 and Wenona begins up. She again takes control from Syd's back, scoring breast fondling points, briefly maintaining control with a headlock before Syd breaks out of it and gets all over her, eventually taking her back and scoring pussy rubbing points. She maintains control as Wenona twists and turns, scoring a few more points before attempting a leg scissors submission which ends when Ariel blows for the one-thirty mark. There's less than a minute left and Wenona starts up. She takes control from the whistle, maintaining it as Syd throws herself around and tries to shake her off. The Nightmare does eventually get free and takes control one last time, scoring a couple of breast fondling points before Ariel blows the final whistle.

Final score: Syd 813 - 40 Wenona.

Round 4
Syd dominates Wenona in yet another round.
Before the fucking, Syd challenges Wenona... to an oil wrestling match! If Wenona can pin her, she'll let her do the fucking. So, with the mat already covered with a large sheet, they oil each other up (well, it's lube actually but it's basically the same thing) and get down to it! They spend about five minutes slipping and sliding before Syd pins Wenona down and wins. She then spanks her and after a quick change of camera angle, they're all dry and any trace of the oil is gone. Wenona gags on Syd's strap-on and then gets the shit fucked out of her.


Well, that went pretty much as we expected. Syd dominated the match despite Wenona's best efforts. She got Syd in some good holds and scored a few points. Against a lesser opponent, she would have been able to maintain those holds for longer and would have been able to get out of the holds she found herself in. But, Syd's ranked number one for a reason.

Yes, she's wrestled a singles match so can now be added to the rankings. We debated whether to put her at one or two but decided in the end that the number one spot is hers to lose. A Syd-Mistress Kara final is surely a given and The Nightmare is surely the only wrestler on the roster who can take her down.
Believe it or not, it's Wenona's first singles defeat since
May 2011.
As for round four, it's been a long time since we've seen some oil wrestling! Almost seven years, in fact! The last time was back in July 2006 when Vendetta beat Christina Carter in an outdoors oil wrestling match. Our only criticism would be that the few minutes of fucking and sucking that came after could have been a bit longer. Other than that, it was great!


1. Syd Blakovich (16-3)
2. Mistress Kara (4-0)
3. Izamar Gutierrez (8-3)
4. Cheyenne Jewel (5-1)
5. Darling (29-11)
6. Bella Rossi (14-7)
7. Rain DeGrey (12-9)
8. Bryn Blayne (3-3)
9. Penny Barber (6-4)
10. Yasmine Loven (4-4)
11. Wenona (16-12)
12. Amber Rayne (11-7)
13. Bella Wilde (2-0)
14. Tia Ling (9-5)
15. Lea Lexis (1-0)
16. Sara Jay (1-2)
17. Sahara Rain (0-1)
18. Tara Lynn Foxx (2-5)
19. Krissy Lynn (1-4)
20. Audrey Rose (6-3)
21. Serena Blair (4-5)
22. Iona Grace (3-5)
23. Beretta James (4-4)
24. Odile (1-2)
25. Rilynn Rae (0-2)
26. Sophia Fiore (1-0)
27. Andre Shakti (1-0)
28. Sheena Ryder (0-1)
29. Sarah Shevon (0-1)
30. Mischa Brooks (0-1)
31. Lyla Storm (3-8)
32. Dylan Ryan (0-3)
33. Elizabeth Thorn (0-1)
34. Missy Minks (0-1)
35. Nikki Darling (0-3)
36. Cassandra Nix (0-1)
37. Reena Sky (0-1)
38. Abby Cross (0-1)
39. Adrianna Luna (0-1)
40. Alice Frost (0-3)
41. Audrey Hollander (0-1)
42. Tiffany Tyler (0-1)
43. Tina Horn (0-1)
44. Katie Summers (0-1)
45. Tegan Tate (0-1)

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