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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Amber Rayne vs Lyla Storm


Both girls are full of the usual bluster and then some. Predictably, it centres around whether Amber's experience will carry the day. The smack talk is better than we're used to but we can't be bothered to transcribe it all. Safe to say, whoever loses should be in for some serious punishment.

Somewhat surprisingly, Lyla wins the arm wrestle and Ariel X is the referee, as per usual.

Round 1

Even being airborne doesn't stop Amber fingering Lyla.
Lyla grabs onto Amber's back but Amber gets her in a headlock and takes control from the bottom as they fall onto the mat. Lyla gets back up to her knees and Amber pushes her down and scores face kissing points. Amber loosens her grip and Lyla squirms round, only succeeding in moving Amber's control to her back, where she removes her bra and scores breast fondling and face kissing points. Ariel blows for the one-thirty and with just under six minutes left, Amber leads 23 - 2. Lyla starts up and pulls Amber back, winning control. Amber twists and turns and breaks Lyla's control, pinning her down on the mat, pulling her pants off and scoring pussy rubbing and fingering points. Amber wraps her legs around Lyla's head and maintains control even as Lyla gets to her hands and knees, leaving Amber suspended in mid-air. Lyla collapses back down on the mat and after more fingering, Amber's fingers finally come out. With 3:18 left, Amber leads 178 - 15 and Lyla starts up. There's much flailing of limbs and Lyla initially takes control, scoring some face kissing points but Amber breaks it easily and drives her down into the mat, going straight back for Lyla's pussy. Amber's fingers come out before the one-thirty mark but she can't get them back in before Ariel blows her whistle. With one-and-a-quarter minute left, Amber leads 243 - 19. Would it be premature for us to call this match for Amber at this point? Probably not. Lyla starts up but Amber gets her in a headlock straight away and tries to get fingers in her pussy but can't reach. So, she settles for smothering Lyla with her boobs. Lyla breaks control but she can't do anything before Ariel blows for the end of the round.

Score: Amber 263 - 19 Lyla.

Round 2

Amber guesses correctly and chooses to start down. Lyla grabs onto her back and they roll across the mat with Amber taking control from the bottom. She wraps Lyla up but can't reach any part of her to score points from so pushes her down onto the mat and goes back for her pussy. Lyla gets free and tries to follow up but once again Amber comes out on top and scores face kissing points until they go out of bounds and Ariel blows her whistle to bring them back to the centre. With just over five-and-a-half minutes left, Amber leads 294 - 19 and they start in neutral. After grappling briefly in the middle of the mat, Amber gets on Lyla's back and locks up control, scoring breast fondling and face kissing points before forcing a submission from her with a powerful leg scissors. With 4:19 remaining, Amber leads 308 - 19 and Lyla starts up. She pulls Amber back and takes control, removing her pants and scoring face kissing and breast fondling points as they roll across the mat. Amber breaks control just before the one-thirty mark and pins Lyla down, getting her fingers back in Lyla's pussy. Lyla finally breaks control and Amber fends her off with her legs. The two come up to their knees and they get each other in mutual headlocks. With control allocated to both of them, they don't know quite what to do until Ariel tells them they can score points off each other. With nothing else available, they kiss until Ariel blows for the end of the round.

Final score: Amber 420 - 62 Lyla.

Round 4

At the start of round three, Amber began up but was accidentally headbutted by Lyla. It was fortunately only a little swollen so, with over half the match having been completed, Ariel called it and Amber was declared the winner.
Lyla gets face-fucked like never before.
With no round three, we get a very, very, very extended round four that lasts close to twenty minutes! Ariel joins in as well as first Lyla is face-fucked harder than we've ever seen her face-fucked before. Amber is merciless, choking the loser on her cock and indulging in some breath play as Lyla splutters and takes every inch of Amber's cock down her throat, ending up covered in spit.

Amber's not done there because she then subjects Lyla to a brutal fisting. Lyla is made to fist Ariel at the same time but whereas Ariel cums, squirting on Lyla's face, Lyla is not allowed to. Instead, Amber just pulls her fist out fucks her instead.
Lyla! Anal!
After fucking Lyla's pussy while she alternately eats Ariel out and sucks her strap-on, Amber does something to Lyla we've not seen before and had thought would never happen. She fucks her in the ass!

Eventually, Amber drags Lyla off to the locker room bathroom where she stuffs her head in a urinal and flushes it on her. Then, with Lyla left in a heap on the floor, Amber and Ariel go into the locker room and kiss before Amber asks Ariel to fuck her ass, which Ariel is only too happy to do. After denying Lyla several orgasms, Amber has one herself and a fucking amazing round four finally comes to an end.


We tipped Amber for victory, but we had no way of guessing just what her margin of victory would be. If she had some serious ring rust, this would have been a much closer match. But she didn't. It took her all of about 30 seconds to get back into the swing of things, and it was like she had never been away.
And anal for the winner too! We're all winners!
Lyla, on the other hand, was completely overwhelmed. Some may have been surprised that we had her ranked so low despite her three victories over noobs. We now consider that decision fully justified and we (still) believe that if she were to have a re-match with either Mischa Brooks or Rilynn Rae, she'd lose.

As for round four, was that the best we've seen this season? No. It was the best we've seen in years. And it's no coincidence that it coincided with the return to the mat of Amber Rayne. Amber may love subbing and may prefer to be the one getting ass fucked in round four, as opposed to the one doing the ass fucking, but she's an incredible dom. She fucked the shit out of Lyla's face, pussy and ass, there was fisting, orgasm denial, squirting and the winner got fucked in the ass as well. It was the perfect round four.

1. Mistress Kara (4-0)
2. Izamar Gutierrez (7-3)
3. Cheyenne Jewel (5-1)
4. Darling (29-11)
5. Bella Rossi (14-7)
6. Rain DeGrey (12-9)
7. Bryn Blayne (3-3)
8. Penny Barber (6-3)
9. Yasmine Loven (4-4)
10. Wenona (16-11)
11. Amber Rayne (11-7)
12. Bella Wilde (2-0)
13. Tia Ling (9-5)
14. Lea Lexis (1-0)
15. Sara Jay (1-2)
16. Sahara Rain (0-1)
17. Tara Lynn Foxx (2-5)
18. Krissy Lynn (1-4)
19. Audrey Rose (5-3)
20. Serena Blair (4-5)
21. Iona Grace (3-5)
22. Beretta James (4-4)
23. Odile (1-2)
24. Rilynn Rae (0-2)
25. Sophia Fiore (1-0)
26. Andre Shakti (1-0)
27. Sheena Ryder (0-1)
28. Sarah Shevon (0-1)
29. Mischa Brooks (0-1)
30. Lyla Storm (3-8)
31. Dylan Ryan (0-3)
32. Elizabeth Thorn (0-1)
33. Missy Minks (0-1)
34. Nikki Darling (0-2)
35. Cassandra Nix (0-1)
36. Reena Sky (0-1)
37. Abby Cross (0-1)
38. Adrianna Luna (0-1)
39. Alice Frost (0-3)
40. Audrey Hollander (0-1)
41. Tiffany Tyler (0-1)
42. Tina Horn (0-1)
43. Katie Summers (0-1)
44. Tegan Tate (0-1)

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