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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Preview: Sara Jay vs Yasmine Loven


We all have wrestlers we really like and some we're... less fond of. For me, that's Sara Jay. I'm just not a fan. She wrestled a couple of times back at the end of season eight, beating Samantha Sin and then losing to Mahina Zaltana in Summer Vengeance, and then disappeared. I figured she was done, but now she's back.

Yasmine Loven, the runner-up for last season's USRB Rookie of the Year Award also makes her return today. She wrestled four times last season, losing to Darling and Bella Rossi and beating Charisma Cappelli and Audrey Rose. She also competed in a tag team match, teaming up with Rain DeGrey to beat DragonLily and Lyla Storm.


Sara Jay's quite a polarising figure. Some love her, some don't. I have nothing against her personally but I just don't think she's cut out for wrestling. When she took on Samantha Sin, she didn't show any care for her opponent's safety and frequently grabbed her by the neck and tossed her around. Furthermore, her defeat to Mahina Zaltana is one of the worst matches I've ever had the displeasure of watching. It was absolutely dreadful and I wouldn't watch it again if you paid me. Sara lacks any real skill, relying almost exclusively on her size and weight. If that's your thing, fair play. We don't all like the same thing and the site would be boring if we all did.

Yasmine Loven is strong and quick. She's also only eighteen-years-old and has the potential to go far. She's wrestled bigger girls and smaller girls, so the prospect of facing Sara Jay won't intimidate her. She's shown promise but her defeat to Bella Rossi proves that she's got a long way to go yet.

Sara has very little skill. She uses her weight to crush the life out of her opponents and that's pretty much her only tactic. She's slow and has very low stamina. Yasmine will certainly last longer than her, that's for sure. Can she convert that size and weight into a win? I'm going to say no. Using sheer size and weight against a smaller opponent is one thing, but try that tactic against someone who's (almost) as big as you and it won't work. Mahina used her size against her in a very slow, very dull match and I expect Yasmine to do the same. It won't be particularly enjoyable or very high scoring but it will be... well... yeah, it's gonna be shit, isn't it? There won't even be any backdoor action to look forward to as neither of the girls does anal. Oh well, we can't have a classic every week and I'm sure there'll be some viewers who are relishing the thought of this match.

Score prediction: Sara 30 - 90 Yasmine.

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