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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Preview: Katie Summers vs Penny Barber


Katie Summers is back at Ultimate Surrender! Well, sort of. She's never really been here so it doesn't seem right to say that she's "back". Her history is an unfortunate one. Last November she made her "d├ębut" against Serena Blair but was injured during the second round. She completed the second round and wanted to finish the match but her knee started swelling up so Matt called the match off and it was never shot again. After getting some awesome new boobs at the start of the year she did some Fucking Machines shoots and we thought she'd never come back. But then she started September's tag team match... and again failed to finish it. She was winded and exhausted at the end of round one and dropped out, to be replaced by Princess Donna. Again, we thought she'd never come back. After failing to complete two matches, we feared that she would think Ultimate Surrender wasn't for her. Well, fear no more because we're finally going to see her complete a match!

As for Penny Barber, we love her too. She's hot, she has massive boobs, her smack talk is epic, she dominates and humiliates her opponents when she wins and she takes it up the ass when she loses. What more could you want! We only wish she hadn't disappeared for three-and-a-half years after losing to Samantha Sin.


After two rounds against Serena Blair, Katie was losing 581 - 2. During her time on the mat in tag team, she was dominated by the stronger Bryn Blayne and Izamar Gutierrez. I'd expect that to continue in this week's match as she faces the larger, stronger Penny Barber.

Penny's last match was a crushing defeat in the semi finals of Summer Vengeance to Izamar so she'll be looking to get back on track here. She has a great record against noobs, having beaten Lyla Storm 492 - 10 and Hannah White 529 - 0. Her score today will fall somewhere around the 500 mark and the only question is whether Penny sets out to annihilate Katie or she treats her more gently and allows her to score a few points. We're thinking it'll probably be the former - Penny has no record of going easy on anyone. Our wishlist for this match has the three fs on it - fingering, fondling and fucking in the ass. Bring it on!

Score prediction: Katie 0 - 500 Penny.

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