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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Katie Summers vs Penny Barber


Well, at least they mix things up for once. Katie calls Penny a cocky cunt and says she'll show her who's the real angel around town before showing her who's boss in round four. Of course you will, dear. Penny replies that her strategy to win is "to show up" and then find out how good blonde girls are at eating pussy. Penny wins the arm wrestle without even trying and Rain blows her whistle to get things underway.

Round 1

Penny gets her fingers in early and often.
Penny goes straight over to Katie, takes her down, pins her, removes her panties and slips her fingers into her pussy. It takes all of about twenty seconds. Katie struggles away but Penny simply keeps control from her back before pinning her down again and removing her bra. Penny then sucks Katie's boobs until the whistle goes for the one-thirty. Katie starts up and grabs onto Penny, forcing her down. She gets on top of her and is about to take control when Penny seizes Katie's head with her legs and rolls her over. Lying on top of her, she splits Katie's legs open and licks and fingers her pussy. Rain decides to give her points for having her ass in Katie's face, even though Katie's face is between her knees and in fact nowhere near her ass. The hold continues past the one-thirty mark, with Penny's fingers still in Katie's pussy. Katie manages to sit up but this does nothing other than present Penny with an opportunity to fondle her boobs, which she gleefully accepts. Penny keeps control with a leg scissors and when Katie finally gets Penny's fingers out, the whistle goes. Katie starts up but Penny turns around, pushes her over and has fingers in her pussy inside five seconds. After squirming, twisting and turning for over two minutes, Katie finally breaks free and the whistle goes. She starts up but this time Penny just falls backwards and wins control. Deciding to be a little more pro-active than that, she gets on Katie's back and forces her down, picking up forced kissing and breast fondling points before the whistle goes for the end of the round.

Score: Katie 0 - 421 Penny.

Round 2

Mmm... boobs.
Penny guesses correctly and says that she'll start up, "not that it matters". She's right. She pulls Katie back and gets on top of her, pinning her down and getting fingers in The Angel's pussy, topping it off with face kissing, breast licking and nipple sucking. She mixes things up with some breast fondling and breast smothering before getting her fingers back in Katie's pussy as the one-thirty approaches. It passes and then some, Penny still fingering away and sucking on Katie's massive boobs. With a gargantuan effort, Katie flips over, Penny's fingers come out and the whistle goes. Katie starts up and tries to pull Penny back but can't even move her. Penny then sits up and pushes Katie down onto the mat, pins her and picks up where she left off: sucking Katie's boobs and fingering her pussy. This time, Katie responds with a burst of energy and breaks free... for about two seconds. Penny's quickly back on top of her and fingering her again. Wrapping her legs around one of Katie's legs, Penny realises that she can rub herself against it. "If I cum on her, is that OK?" she asks. Rain doesn't reply, only because this has never happened before! Penny starts rubbing herself on Katie's leg, all the while fingering and kissing her. As she gets close, Penny tells Katie: "beg me to cum and I'll let you go." Realising how hopeless her situation is, Katie asks her to cum and Penny duly obliges, then removing her fingers from Katie's pussy and ending the hold. Katie starts up once again and tries to get Penny in a hold but once again ends up underneath her opponent. This time, there isn't enough time for Penny to score any more points as the whistle goes for the end of the round.
Well, I don't think we've ever seen this before...
Score: Katie 0 - 854 Penny.

Round 3

Katie looks hot when she struggles.
Katie starts up and pulls Penny back, almost taking control. She doesn't though and it's Penny who once again ends up on top, her fingers in The Angel's pussy and scoring face kissing and breast sucking points. Katie is learning and squeezes her legs together as tightly as she can, forcing The Tarrasque to rack up points from her face and tits instead. The whistle goes for the one-thirty and Katie starts up. She does even better this time, actually getting on top of Penny twice, only to be thrown off on the first occasion and rolled over on the second. Penny wins control and rolls all over Katie as she tries to get inside her pussy. Katie does well to restrict her chances and Penny only scores a handful of points before the whistle goes for the one-thirty mark. Katie starts up and is quickly rolled over by Penny, who goes straight for Katie's face and boobs before picking up some pussy rubbing points. Try as she might, she just can't get her fingers inside Katie's pussy. Eschewing that in favour of licking Katie's face and sucking on her glorious boobs, Penny then does press-ups that forces her boobs into Katie's face. Brilliant! The whistle goes for the one-thirty and Katie starts up, as usual. This time, she gets on top of Penny and almost wins control. I'm sure you were all cheering Katie on as much as I was at this point but it was to no avail as Penny rolls her opponent and gets fingers in her pussy. Katie tries to roll over but Penny resists it, picking up points from all over Katie's hot body until the whistle goes as Katie's hip was playing up. She's fine to carry on and so, for the final time, Katie starts up. She has less than a minute to win control for the first time, let alone score a point. Can she do it? She grabs onto her opponent and pushes her down but Penny has her in a headlock. Katie gets free but Penny's superior grappling skills are evident as she seizes Katie's arms and throws her to the mat, ending the round and the match with fingers in her pussy.
This is new too: press-up breast smothering.
Final score: Katie 0 - 1,067 Penny.

Round 4
Shotgun up next after Penny!
Penny throws Katie down onto the mat and forces her strap-on into her mouth, asking her why she even bothered to show up today. "What's the point of you?" she asks her bewildered opponent. She has Katie suck her strap-on some more before pushing her flat onto the mat and calling her the worst opponent she's faced so far. Penny sits on her chest, plays with Katie's huge boobs and, after some more cock sucking, fucks them. Penny then rolls Katie over and fucks her doggy style as she tries to get Katie to recall her wrestling name. Penny insists that it's easy to remember because it's only two syllables but in all fairness, it's a funny name. After throwing Katie into the wall, Penny fucks her some more before sitting on top of her face and using a Hitachi and Katie's mouth to get herself off, cumming all over Katie's pretty little face.
This is hot. That is all.

Forced orgasms on the mat are rare. Even rarer still are instances of the winner using the loser to make themselves cum! Matt once said that if you use your opponent to make yourself cum, they get points but no-one knows if he was joking or not. Either way, it's happened now and Rain decided to reward Penny with a shit-load of points for it. The only thing missing was Penny ripping an orgasm or two out of Katie's hot body. Oh and some anal in round four. But that's just being greedy.

As Katie said in the post-match interview, she's never even finished a match before, so this is certainly progress. And while rounds one and two were completely one-sided, round three was... slightly less one-sided. She almost got in control a couple of times and worked really hard to keep Penny from scoring points. She might have been on the receiving end of an ass-kicking but she tried. From first whistle to last, she tried her hardest against someone larger, stronger and much more experienced. In the end, there's not much more you can ask for than that. Even at the end of round three when Penny was on top of her and trying to get fingers in her pussy, saying "come on, you've already lost, you might as well let me get you off", she refused to do so. She struggled and fought and her frustration showed. We appreciate her efforts and that's all we need to see: wrestlers doing the best they can.
Penny is surprised to learn that her opponent has only just
mastered breathing.
Penny did what was expected of her: destroy and humiliate the loser. Her smack talk was of epic proportions, even in the post-match interview ("you brought me a girl who hadn't mastered breathing yet?"). However, given that this was essentially a practice match for her, it's a bit disappointing that she didn't try out some new moves. Almost every single time, she just got on top of Katie and pinned her down. It would have been nice to see some half Nelsons or grapevines thrown in there too. Still, the fingering, forced kissing and breast sucking more than made up for it.

Round four was fantastic, even without any anal (boooo!). Penny and Katie had great chemistry together and Katie is seriously fucking hot. Probably in the top ten hottest girls ever to have wrestled for Ultimate Surrender. I hope she comes back again and again. Seeing her getting molested by Darling or facing off against fellow hot busty blonde Holly Heart would be my top two choices for her next match, should she decide to wrestle again.


1. Mistress Kara (1-0)
2. Izamar Gutierrez (4-3)
3. Bryn Blayne (3-3)
4. Penny Barber (4-2)
5. Bella Wilde (1-0)
6. Iona Grace (3-5)
7. Beretta James (3-4)
8. Odile (1-1)
9. Andre Shakti (1-0)
10. Dylan Ryan (0-2)
11. Sarah Shevon (0-1)
12. Mischa Brooks (0-1)
13. Lyla Storm (1-7)
14. Reena Sky (0-1)
15. Katie Summers (0-1)
16. Tegan Tate (0-1)

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