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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bella Wilde vs Iona Grace


Hands up if you noticed Iona's
new haircut... Anyone?
The wrestlers say pretty much the same thing every week. One of them says: "I'm gonna use my superior strength and speed to kick her ass and then, in round four, I'm gonna make her choke on my cock." Then the other replies: "Yeah, well I'm gonna use my training to beat her up and then in round four, I'm gonna fuck all of her holes". It's boring. It's been boring for weeks. Bring back the old-style interviews, we say! They were much more interesting and much better than the carbon copy answers we get week in, week out.

However, this week, you can imagine that Bella and Iona are saying whatever the hell you like. Why? Because the update has a glitch which means that the pre-match "smack talk" and the first round have no sound. Oops. (UPDATE: The issue has since been fixed and can be downloaded avec sound.) Rain is your referee once more and Bella quite comfortably wins the arm wrestle. Iona, meanwhile, is sporting a new, much shorter haircut. We think it looks pretty good on her. Who agrees with us? Anyone not a fan of the new do?

Round 1

The Wolf feasts on her prey.
Iona comes barrelling out of the gates, charging at Bella and... getting taken down. Bella tosses Iona to the mat but Iona gets straight back up. She fights to escape and Bella fights to take her back down, Bella emerging triumphant. She wins control with a full Nelson and pulls Iona back, removing her bra. The two roll around for a bit until Iona gets free. Going at each other, it's Bella who pushes Iona backwards and wins control, fondling and sucking her boobs and removing her panties. She has her arm wrapped around Iona's head, gripping one of Iona's wrists in a tight hold. Something happens (the lack of sound means I have no idea what) and they stop wrestling and come to their knees before going back at it again. That was odd. Grappling in the middle of the ring, Bella slams Iona down but Iona gets straight back up. Tenacious by name, tenacious by nature. The second time Bella slams her opponent down, she stays down. The Wolf scores brief pussy rubbing and breast fondling points before adjusting her hold and keeping control with a full Nelson. Iona struggles, thrashes her legs about and they roll across the mat as she tries to break free. When they come to a stop, Bella is still in control and she celebrates by burying her face into Iona's huge tits, smothering her face and sucking them. Yeah, it's really hot even without any sound. Iona bucks and tries to throw her opponent off but Bella will not be moved and she responds by sucking Iona's boobs and licking her face. Iona struggles again but Bella, who has one of Iona's wrists in each hand has seriously strong grip. Iona squirms across the mat, bending backwards trying to escape but Bella just will not let go! The Wolf is a really appropriate nickname for Bella - she harries Iona, never giving her a moment's pause as she attacks her from all sides. Iona finally breaks free and gets on Bella's back, scoring some breast fondling points. Bella twists and turns and breaks free, getting on top of Iona and sucking her boobs with relish, picking up fondling, face kissing and pussy rubbing points too before getting on Iona's back and continuing to fondle her boobs. To add insult to injury, Bella sits on Iona's face just before the whistle goes for the one-thirty. Iona starts up and, with less than a minute to go, pulls Bella back, winning control and scoring breast fondling points. Bella bursts free and gets on top of Iona. Things really aren't going her way and her only reprieve is the whistle marking the end of the round. It also accompanies the sound coming back on, so things aren't all bad!

Score: Bella 110 - 12 Iona.

Round 2

Bella's surprisingly good wolf howl.
Bella chooses correctly and decides to start up. Pulling Iona back, she wins control with a half Nelson this time and fondles her boobs. Swinging round and getting on top of her, Iona thrashes around and tries to escape but once again, The Wolf's vice-like grip and superior upper body strength see her regain control with ease. She picks up more breast fondling, breast sucking, pussy rubbing and face kissing points. Iona briefly escapes but Bella is back on top of her before she can do anything, attacking Iona's tits with her face. With one arm pinned behind her back, Iona is helpless as she rolls around the mat, Bella again sucking her boobs. She cries out with effort as she launches herself up and tries to throw her adversary off, to no avail. Bella scores some more breast fondling points before Iona's only reprieve - the whistle for the one-thirty mark. Iona starts up and tries to pull Bella back but Bella slips out of her attempted full Nelson, flips around and launches herself at Tenacious DD. Getting on top, she scores points from all over Iona's helpless body before getting on her back and fondling her boobs yet again. Iona is pushed onto her back once more and has Bella's hands and mouth all over her before the whistle foes for the one-thirty mark. Iona starts up and literally jumps onto Bella's back, trying to assert herself. Again, Bella escapes with ease, gets on top of Iona and lets out a pretty good wolf howl before pushing Iona's boobs together and burying her face into them again. Iona struggles but Bella is relentless, staying on top of Iona no matter what she does and getting her fingers into Iona's pussy for the first time in the match. Iona gets them out and the whistle goes for the one-thirty mark. With seconds remaining on the clock, Iona starts up and jumps on top of her opponent, trying to pull her back. Bella has just enough time to spin round and push her back down before the whistle goes for the end of the round.

Score: Bella 247 - 12 Iona.

Round 3

Bella's domination of Iona continues.
Iona starts up, pulling Bella back and winning control. Is the tide about to turn? No. Bella squirms, escapes, gets on top of Iona, pins her arms, wins control and returns to licking and sucking her boobs. Iona manages to get up to her knees and tries to escape but The Wolf isn't letting her go, pushing her back down onto the mat and climbing on top of her. Iona tries to buck her off but Bella is having none of it. She waits until Iona exhausts herself then pins one of her arms down and with her other hand, starts fingering her. Iona's whimpers and moans are so fucking hot. Bella pulls her fingers out, fondles Iona's boobs some more and the whistle goes for the one-thirty mark. Iona jumps onto Bella, wraps her arms around her and pulls her back. She's tried something different every time she's started up but nothing has really worked yet. Will this? Yes, initially. She picks up her first points since the end of round one with some face licking and breast fondling. Bella pushes Iona's hands down onto the mat and then expertly frees her legs, spins around and gets on top of Iona. It's unbelievable that she's never wrestled before, that was a perfectly executed move. She scores kissing, licking, fondling and rubbing points from all over before getting on Iona's back with a full Nelson, scoring face kissing and breast fondling points before Iona escapes. She tries to make the most of this opportunity, throwing herself at Bella but it's no good. Bella meets her, turning her momentum against her and throwing her down onto the mat. Bella scores some points before Iona escapes but quick as a flash, she's back on top of her, sitting on her chest. Iona pushes her off but by the time she's come up to her knees, Bella's already on her back, pushing her back down. Iona's cries of frustration and exhaustion grow louder as Bella keeps on top of her no matter what she does and where she twists and turns. She only escapes when the whistle goes for the one-thirty mark. Starting up, Iona jumps onto Bella, getting in control with a half Nelson and scoring breast fondling and pussy rubbing points. This represents Iona's best sustained period of pressure of the entire match but once again, Bella expertly extricates herself from it. She pins Iona's arms to the mat, gets her legs free of Iona's grapevine, spins round, pushes her opponent down and slips her fingers into her pussy and wraps her lips around her nipple. Getting first on top of Iona and then on her back, Bella continues scoring points until the whistle goes for the one-thirty mark. With seconds remaining, the two roll around a bit, neither winning control before the final whistle goes.

Final score: Bella 389 - 57 Iona.

Round 4

The Wolf lets out her victory cry.
Bella kisses Iona before pushing her back and lubing up and fucking her tits. She then has Iona suck her strap-on before fucking her doggy style. They both then stand up and Bella fucks her from behind, Iona bent forward, her tits jiggling away hypnotically. Declaring herself bored, Bella gets a chair, sticks Bella through it and fucks from behind. Finally, she tosses Iona onto her back and teases her with her fingers and a Hitachi, bringing her to the brink of orgasm before denying it to her and getting herself off with it instead.


Well, that was a surprise! Bella absolutely dominated Iona, constantly harrying her, getting on top of her and using her superior strength to subdue her opponent. She's never wrestled before but apparently she spent a decade in the circus. Whatever she did, it paid off! Again and again, she was simply too much for her experienced opponent. Her grip in particular was exceptionally strong and when she had Iona's arms pinned down, she was done for. The way she escaped from Iona's holds was excellent and she will have no trouble picking up the required moves and holds that will see her move up the table. Iona commented in the post-match interview that's she's going to start working out to beef up her noodly arms. She may not look it but she's surprisingly small and despite her tenacity, her size is a weakness. With some greater upper body strength, she'd be able to fight back.

A great match, this is the one match in ten where experience loses to size. Bella's great start and her animalistic nickname make it easy to suggest possible matches. A meeting with Holly Heart is a must, if only so we can see whether The Honey Badger can take down The Wolf. Fellow noobs Odile and Andre Shakti would also make excellent opponents. As for Iona, her cancelled match from last season against Gia DiMarco absolutely has to happen!

Best use of a chair in a wrestling match? We think so.

1. Mistress Kara (1-0)
2. Izamar Gutierrez (4-3)
3. Bryn Blayne (3-3)
4. Bella Wilde (1-0)
5. Iona Grace (3-5)
6. Beretta James (3-4)
7. Andre Shakti (1-0)
8. Odile (0-1)
9. Dylan Ryan (0-2)
10. Mischa Brooks (0-1)
11. Lyla Storm (1-7)
12. Tegan Tate (0-1)

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