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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Preview: Beretta James vs Tegan Tate

Well it seems that Rain DeGrey may not be leaving Ultimate Surrender after all. What prompted her to want to stop refereeing as well as retire from modelling? It may have something to do with what Audrey Rose went and posted on her blog: http://www.audreyrosexxx.com/words/audrey-rose-newest-porn-pariah/. Audrey also announced that she's more or less done with porn, for now anyway. Give it a read, it's interesting (and slightly depressing) stuff. Apparently Princess Donna was unaware of the situation and given how chaotic things were when the match took place, that's understandable. What isn't is why Kink would let her shoot for them. Audrey has already filmed one match for this season and that will be presumably be her last. The whole thing is incredibly shitty and if it really does mark the end of Audrey's wrestling and modelling career, it's a massive shame. Now, with some better news, here's the preview.


Beretta James returns to the mat this week for her second season at Ultimate Surrender. The Little Pistol finished last season with 2 wins and 4 defeats, besting Charisma Cappelli and Lyla Storm but being owned by Gia DiMarco, Ariel X, Iona Grace and Bryn Blayne. She finished the season ranked towards the bottom so she'll be looking to move up the rankings and what better way to start than with a win over a noob?

Tegan Tate comes from the same mould as Emma Haize and Shae Simone - tiny and adorable. By our reckoning, she's both the shortest, at a meagre 5' 0" and the lightest, a minuscule 6 st 5 lbs! That means that even tiny Emma outweighs her by 1 st and 2 lbs. She's done two previous shoots for Kink - for Bound Gang Bangs and Public Disgrace - so she's used to being dominated from start to finish. Oh and in addition to being a total cutie pie, she has a tattoo under her left boob that says "punish me". Oh and she's a self-described anal whore. We love her already.


We're really looking forward to this one! Tiny Tegan is going to get dominated from start to finish by Beretta, who will go in all guns blazing. The only question is, will she be too cocky? She has to keep Tegan in her sights and let her have it with both barrels. OK, that's enough gun puns for today. In all seriousness, a major weakness of Beretta's was her stamina. Her late collapse almost allowed Lyla to steal a win from her in the first round of Summer Vengeance so we're about to find out if it's improved.

Even if it hasn't, Beretta's going to win. Tegan's tiny and, as far as we're aware, has no wrestling experience. Expect lots of headlocks and fingering as Beretta cruises her way to a first win of the season.

Score prediction: Beretta 600 - 10  Tegan.

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