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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Beretta James vs Tegan Tate


Beretta has picked up some new holds and wants to show Tegan what she can do before fucking her "little dollie". Tegan has modest goals: do as well as she can, hopefully avoid defeat and then show Beretta who's boss. Rain is the referee and Beretta wins the arm wrestle without even trying.

Round 1

Beretta forces Tegan to submit.
Beretta toys with Tegan, pushing her down onto the mat, rolling on top of her and throwing her around before removing her bra and panties and picking up breast fondling points until the whistle goes for the one-thirty. Tegan starts up but Beretta quickly switches things, getting in control and rolling Tegan across the mat. She scores more breast fondling points and some pussy rubbing points too. After the whistle, Tegan starts up again and this time she gets on top and in control. She manages to remove Beretta's panties before The Little Pistol rolls her and scores more fondling points. Tegan rolls her back over and wins control, scoring a few points before Beretta gets back on top and in control. After breaking apart, Tegan gets on top of Beretta, who easily rolls her over. She then sits on her opponent's face and goes for her pussy but Tegan squirms out. The match is paused so Tegan can take out her ear gauges. At the restart, Tegan is up and gets in control, sitting on Beretta's chest and scoring some fondling points. Beretta rolls her over and scores some fingering points before Tegan taps out with cramp in her leg. She starts up at the restart but Beretta quickly spins around, sits on her and gets fingers in her pussy. Adjusting her hold, she gets on Tegan's back and wraps her legs around her midriff, scoring fingering, fondling and face kissing points before getting a submission out of her. With seconds remaining, Tegan starts up and they roll around for a bit before the whistle goes for the end of the round.

Score: Beretta 197 - 22 Tegan.

Round 2

This was Tegan's view for most of round two.
Beretta chooses correctly and decides to start up. Subduing The Tiny Terror with ease, Beretta wraps her legs around her arms and scores fondling and fingering points before releasing her and sitting on her face. She proceeds to lick and finger Tegan's pussy well past the one-thirty. Tegan finally gets Beretta's fingers out and the whistle goes for the end of the hold. Tegan starts up but Beretta has no trouble getting on top of her and fondling her before forcing a second submission from her. Tegan starts up but can't do anything to stop Beretta from sitting on her face. Beretta fingers Tegan as she makes her opponent eat her pussy before getting down and smothering her with her boobs. Beretta goes for another submission but Tegan holds out this time. Tegan starts up but once again, Beretta is too quick and too strong for her. She's on top of tiny Tegan before she knows what's hit her and she returns to licking and fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. Beretta furiously fingers away, forcing an orgasm out of her opponent and fingering away until the whistle goes for the end of the round.

Score: Beretta 790 - 22 Tegan.

Round 3

Beretta warms Tegan up for round four.
Tegan starts up once more and tries to pull Beretta back but she's simply not strong enough. Beretta gets on her back, scoring breast fondling and pussy rubbing points and then sits on her face, scoring more fingering points before forcing another submission out of her. Tegan starts up but within ten seconds, Beretta is sat on top of her and has fingers in her pussy. Flipping around, Beretta eats Tegan's pussy and then fingers it. Sitting back, she smothers Tegan with her pussy until she submits. Tegan starts up yet again but Beretta tosses her across the mat, getting fingers in her pussy before forcing another submission from her with a powerful leg scissors. Beretta might as well start up for all the good that it's doing Tegan. Once again, Beretta gets on top of Tegan and fingers her, sucking her boobs for added value. Beretta then gets on her back, pulls her arms back and forces another submission from her tiny opponent. You know the score by now: Tegan starts up, Beretta gets on top of her, scores fingering points. This time, however, she actually pulls Tegan into piledriver and fingers away until Tegan manages to push her off. With less than a minute remaining, Tegan gets on top of Beretta and scores a few points before Beretta rolls her over and the two roll around until the whistle goes for the end of the match.

Score: Beretta 1,148 - 34 Tegan.

Round 4

Beretta forces her strap-on down Tegan's throat before slamming her into the wall and fucking her in several positions. Tired of doing all the work, Beretta lies back and has Tegan dance on her cock before fucking her in doggy and spoons. Finally, she takes off her strap-on and has Tegan eat her pussy until she cums.
Tegan gets fucked like the loser she is.

Beretta was absolutely dominant here. Poor little Tegan was thrown around like a rag doll as Beretta molested her all over. She made The Tiny Terror cum in round two but to be honest, she could have forced another two or three orgasms out of her had she gone for it. Some members have criticised Beretta for "holding back" but that's bullshit. She scored over eleven hundred points, how many more did she need? The last time a singles match saw the score go into four figures was ten months ago when Iona Grace beat Shae Simone. Would Beretta scoring another three or four hundred points have satisfied them? Nope. Beretta didn't humiliate her opponent and she didn't bang her around either, clearly subscribing to the Isis Love school of thought when dealing with noobs: humiliate them, utterly annihilate them and slam them into the mat like you're wrestling Darling or Ariel X and they won't come back. And we agree with her.

Beretta has clearly been training over the summer and has picked up a few new holds. Rain was a little quick to award some points to her for "outstanding holds" but maybe we've all just gotten used to Matt's frugality with that. He would award it about once every other match but Rain gives it out a couple of times per match. Beretta's also improved her stamina, although she didn't exactly face a stern test today.

We posted this picture because Beretta looks really hot.
Do we need another reason?
As for Tegan, she's been taking a lot of flak on the forums for her performance, which is, in the opinion of everyone here at USRB, quite unfair. She's tiny, she has no wrestling experience and she did the best she could against a two-year veteran who outweighed her by exactly a stone. Is she cut out for wrestling? Those rushing to judgement have already condemned her: "no!", they say. The answer is, of course, we don't know. Either way, she needs to wrestle Shae Simone! Heck, bring back Emma Haize too! Emma versus Tegan would be an epic for the ages to rival Jessie Cox versus Trina Michaels and would finally settle the issue of whether there's anyone the tiny Emma could actually beat anyone. In fact, have a little mini-league and get Emma to wrestle Shae to see who's the Queen of the featherweights. I'd love to see Ashley Jane thrown in there as well and I'm confident that she'd kick all three of their asses but she hasn't wrestled since December 2010 and while a Harmony-style last hurrah isn't out of the question, it's unlikely. Emma hasn't wrestled since November last year but I have a feeling she could be tempted back. As an aside, every time a featherweight comes up against someone much bigger than her and been absolutely demolished, some members call for the introduction of weight classes. It happened when Bella Rossi crushed Serena Blair early last year and it's happening again today. They call for it in vain though. It'll never happen.

Another quick point: Rain needs to be more assertive and quicker to blow her whistle. When Tegan would submit, it took Rain several seconds to blow and bring the hold to an end. It's not a major problem but when someone submits, the hold should be brought to an end immediately. Likewise, when Tegan got Rain's fingers out of her pussy and the hold had gone past the one-thirty mark, she was slow to blow for the break in play. This should change as Rain gets more experienced though and gets a better handle for things.

Finally, Tegan describes herself as an "anal whore" so I was surprised there was no backdoor action in round four. The wait for the first anal of season ten continues...


1. Mistress Kara (1-0)
2. Izamar Gutierrez (4-3)
3. Bryn Blayne (3-3)
4. Beretta James (3-4)
5. Andre Shakti (1-0)
6. Odile (0-1)
7. Dylan Ryan (0-2)
8. Mischa Brooks (0-1)
9. Lyla Storm (1-7)
10. Tegan Tate (0-1)

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