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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Ariel X vs Darling


Ariel's strategy is the same as it was last time they met up: go for Darling's tits before showing everyone just how good of a loser she is. Darling wants to get her fingers into Ariel's pussy and tie her up like a pretzel in round four. The arm wrestle is inconclusive but Darling just about edges it. Rain DeGrey referees the match, with Matt Williams assisting her.

Round 1

The two wrestlers go straight at each other, Darling getting Ariel in a head lock and Ariel forcing Darling down. Ariel gets out of the headlock and tries to get on top of Darling but her opponent fends her off with her legs and manages to sit back up and get on Ariel's back, scoring the first points of the match with some breast fondling. Ariel breaks control and pushes Darling down onto the mat, licking her face and fondling her boobs. She tries to reach around and rub Darling's pussy but in doing so stretches too far and Darling breaks free. The two grapple until Ariel forces Darling down, first rubbing and then fingering her pussy. She finger-fucks her past the one-thirty and it's only when Darling finally pushes Ariel's hand away that the whistle goes. Darling starts up and takes the initiative, getting on top of Ariel and winning control. She's just about to remove Ariel's panties when Ariel flips the two of them over and wins control, rubbing her pussy. Darling fights to extricate herself and eventually manages it. The two grapple in the middle of the ring and Ariel takes control, getting on Darling's back, wrapping her head between her thighs, fingering her pussy and fondling her boobs. With Darling trapped, the finger-fucking continues until the whistle goes for the end of the round.
Ariel ends the round in style.
Score: Ariel 165 - 18 Darling.

Round 2

Ariel guesses correctly and chooses to start down. Darling grabs onto her and takes control. Ariel squirms but succeeds initially in only getting a face full of Darling's boobs. Managing to break the hold, Ariel gets on Darling's back and fondles her boobs. At the one minute mark, she goes for a submission with her legs around Darling's midriff but she holds out. Darling starts up again, latching onto Ariel's back and fondling her boobs. Again, Ariel tries to escape but Darling adjusts her hold and gets on top of Ariel's chest and rubs her boobs in her face. Ariel rolls her over and breaks control, quickly establishing it herself and scoring a few points before Darling breaks control just as they roll past of the edge of the mat. Rain whistles to bring it back to the centre and Ariel starts up, taking control straight away. They roll around the mat for a while as Ariel scores breast fondling points until Darling can break control and get Ariel in a headlock, pushing her boobs into her face. Ariel breaks it and control shifts back and forward between the two until gets on top, rubbing her boobs in Darling's face. She gets on her back and has her in the strangest hold I've seen in quite a while. It's sort of a modified grapevine with Ariel holding one of Darling's legs up by the knee. It's an outstanding hold but she can't quite reach Darling's pussy and Darling teases her for it as Ariel scores a couple of breast fondling points before the whistle goes and the round ends.
This is the very definition of "outstanding hold".
Score: Ariel 239 - 65 Darling.

Round 3

Ariel starts up and quickly takes control from Darling's back, fondling her boobs. Darling breaks it and wraps her legs around Ariel's head, getting fingers in her pussy for the first time all match. Ariel tries to use her foot to break Darling's legs apart until Matt tells her not to, managing to separate them with her free arm instead. Control shifts back to Ariel as she gets on top of her opponent, rubbing her boobs in her face before spinning around and plundering Darling's pussy for yet more points. The hold continues past the one-thirty mark and ends when Darling finally gets Ariel's fingers out of her pussy. Darling starts up and takes control, fondling Ariel's boobs until she manages to escape. Ariel gets back on top and gets her fingers back in Darling's pussy. As she wraps her legs around Darling's head, Darling finds the hold too tight and taps out. The match is paused and Ariel starts up, taking control initially but quickly losing it. Never mind though because she quickly wins it back and resumes her favourite hobby of fingering Darling. Darling fights and manages to get Ariel's fingers out but Ariel just sits on her chest and gets them back in. Darling comes close to orgasm but she finally manages to get Ariel's fingers out before she cums. With three seconds left on the clock, Darling starts up and goes straight for Ariel's pussy, both of them laughing as the whistle goes.
Ariel, on the receiving end of some finger-fucking for a change.
Final score: Ariel  503 - 115 Darling.

Round 4

Ariel strips Darling of her bands before choking her on her big pink strap-on. She makes Darling chase it before riding her around the mat. Pulling her up to her tip-toes, she fucks her around the mat. Pushing Darling down onto her hands and knees, Ariel fucks her in doggy and fish hooks her. Darling takes it on her back with her legs over Ariel's shoulders and then in piledriver before Ariel pushes her into the wall and has her suck her juices off the strap-on. Ariel then tosses Darling onto the mat and sits on her face. Commending Darling's pussy eating skills, Ariel teases her with a Hitachi before using it on herself and cumming on Darling's face.
Ariel thoroughly enjoys her win.

As expected, Darling put up one hell of a fight. She got Ariel in a couple of good holds and if Ariel hadn't been able to extricate herself quite so quickly from that hold at the start of round three, the match could have had a very nail-biting ending. Darling started well too, coming out of the gates strongly. As it was though, she just couldn't keep up with her opponent. Ariel said in the post-match interview that she's been doing a lot of high-intensity interval training so her stamina is really high and it certainly shows. Darling would be panting at the restarts in the second and third rounds but Ariel was breathing normally (as an aside, how the hell did she only come third in that fitness competition?).
Ariel apologises for being the best wrestler Ultimate Surrender has ever seen.
With Ariel as skilful as she's ever been and fitter and stronger than ever before, there was nothing that the second seed could do. Darling gave a magnificent match and took Ariel's cock like the champ she will probably never be in round four. She heads home now and will return next season for a seventh shot at the title. Ariel moves on to her third championship match where she will face Izamar Gutierrez, who is all that stands between Ariel and a third Summer Vengeance title.

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