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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Ariel X vs Bella Rossi


Ariel plans to humiliate Bella and make her fall to pieces on the mat before violating her in round four. Bella is slightly more modest about her goals, planning to just get on Ariel's back and not let her get on top before booby boxing her. The arm wrestle is a stalemate and Maestro is the referee once again. Ariel, by the way, is back to sporting her protective headgear.

Round 1

Ariel annihilates The Annihilator.
Ariel comes out strongly, forcing Bella down, getting on her back and fondling her boobs. Bella twists around and breaks control but Ariel quickly re-establishes it. Bella breaks it again and gets on top of Ariel, winning control before Ariel rolls her and establishes control. Removing Bella's panties, she tries to go for her pussy but can't get to it thanks to Bella's legs, which are practically glued together. The whistle goes for the one-thirty and Bella starts up, pushing Ariel into the mat and winning control. It doesn't last, however and Ariel uses her powerful legs to throw Bella off and get on her back once more, fondling her boobs. Bella manages to break control but Ariel gets straight back on her back and resumes the task of fondling Bella's boobs. Bella  manages to twist and turn and break control, getting on top of Ariel. Ariel uses her legs to toss Bella and Bella is almost thrown into the cameraman! Ariel quickly follows up, getting on top of her, getting her in a headlock and finally getting her fingers in Bella's pussy. For the final two-and-a-half minutes of the round, Ariel finger-fucks the helpless Bella and brings her close to orgasm. Bella is unable to do anything about it and her only reprieve is the whistle, which signals the end of the round.

Score: Ariel 284 - 6 Bella.

Round 2

Bella guesses correctly and chooses to start down. As soon as the whistle goes, Ariel latches onto Bella's back and doesn't let go. She picks up fondling and face kissing points until the whistle goes for the one-thirty. Bella starts up and briefly wins control before Ariel breaks it and gets on Bella's back, returning to her task of fondling Bella's boobs and kissing her face. Shortly after the one minute mark, Bella breaks control and gets on top of Ariel. She tries to remove her panties but Ariel is just too strong and simply rolls Bella, getting on top of her and picking up more points before switching her hold to a leg scissors and getting a submission from Bella. Bella starts up but it does her no good as Ariel spins around and drives into her, forcing her into the mat and getting on top of her. She rubs her boobs in Bella's face and maintains control from the bottom as Bella rolls her over. Putting the squeeze on, Ariel gets Bella to submit again and the whistle goes. Bella starts up and moves quickly from the restart, winning control and... oh, never mind, Ariel gets on her back and wins control. She has time to win some more fondling points before the whistle goes for the end of the round.

Score: Ariel 450 - 10 Bella.

Round 3

Bella is helpless to resist.
Bella starts up but she can't exploit her advantage because Ariel gets on her back almost instantly. She fondles and face kisses until Bella breaks control. Bella tries to get on top of Ariel but Ariel just fends her off with her legs. Bella then gets on Ariel's back but Ariel just shrugs her off and gets on top, scoring points from all over Bella's body. Bella breaks control but Ariel just gets back on top of her. Bella breaks control again but Ariel just gets on her back. She's absolutely relentless and there's nothing Bella can do to stop her. When she does manage to roll Ariel over and get on top of her, Ariel just maintains control from the bottom and fondles her boobs. Bella breaks control but Ariel gets on her back. Bella breaks again but Ariel gets on top of her, rubbing her pussy. Bella tries to shake her off but Ariel just moves to her back, fondling her boobs and rubbing her pussy some more. Bella breaks control and the two roll around for the final few seconds of the round until the whistle goes and the match comes to an end.

Final score: Ariel 546 - 10 Bella.

Round 4

They don't call her The Assassin for nothing...
Ariel gags Bella on her strap-on and has her chase it around the mat. Mocking Bella's claim that she would "booby box" her, Ariel titty fucks Bella. Telling her she should change her nickname from "The Annihilator" to "The Annihiloser", Ariel fucks her in a variety of positions, including doggy and up against the wall before throwing her down onto the mat and sitting on her face. Bella eats Ariel's asshole as Ariel gets her self off with a Hitachi, cumming in Bella's face before pronouncing her season over.


Well, I knew Ariel was going to win but I didn't think it would be quite that decisive! Bella was lucky to score into double figures as she simply had no answer to Ariel's powerful legs and expert technique. When she did manage to break control, Ariel would win it back in a matter of seconds. Compared to their last meeting when Bella scored 146, her trimmer figure seemed to work against her. When she got on top of Ariel, she couldn't stay there and when Ariel got on top of her, there was little she could do.
"Darling, you're next!"
As for Ariel, her score last time they met was 592, a difference of less than fifty points. I see that 17% of voters on the poll have tipped Bella to win Summer Vengeance. With DragonLily (also on 17%) out, the votes suggested that Bella would be Ariel's main competition. With Bella now disposed of with consummate ease, the question becomes not "can anyone stop her?" but simply "how many points will they lose by?"

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